Why Energy Transition?


Green energy has a pivotal role in achieving net–zero over the next decade. The energy transition has already started and the rate at which renewable sources are growing in the energy mix is accelerating.

  • Among the main energy sources listed in the government's Green Agenda, there is offshore wind, hydrogen, nuclear; as well as increase manufacturing of electric vehicles.
  • The renewable energy industry keeps on growing: According to the International Energy Agency (IEA) in 2020 the world's renewable energy industry grew at its fastest pace since 1999.
  • The IEA also says that Renewable energy is set to account for 90% of new power expansion post–COVID–19 and it predicts that global wind and solar capacity will double by 2025.
  • A public inquiry by YouGov revealed that five times as many people supported the prioritisation of renewable energy as the main area to be at the top of the governments plan for green growth.