Energy Transition – Our Approach


We at Spinnaker Acquisitions Plc share a belief that financial markets can play a pivotal role in the transition to a greener, more sustainable economy, by enabling the mobilisation and reallocation of capital towards the opportunities presented by this necessary transformation. The COVID–19 pandemic has underlined the importance of making this transition, and in response, many countries around the world are bringing forward green recovery packages.

Delivering on a low or net–zero economy and other environmental goals, such as reducing reliance on single–use plastics, requires innovation in products and services as well as the expanded use of new and existing technologies.

Investors around the world recognise this and want to understand companies’ exposure to green products and services as part of a broader demand for clear disclosure and active management of ESG and, in particular, climate change–related opportunities and risks. The LSE Green Economy Mark is a standard that highlights compliant companies to investors.

Spinnaker Acquisitions Plc is designed to be a stepping–stone to enable a visionary and resourceful young green economy company to access the necessary growth capital and public profile to scale up from early revenues towards mainstream adoption. We mean to be a bridge between the immense creativity that exists in early stage companies and the wall of ESG money that we hear so much about, and which looks for opportunities of a scale to make a real difference.