Our Approach


As citizens on the planet and as investors ourselves, we at Spinnaker Acquisitions Plc share the sense of urgency about tackling the unnecessary waste of finite resources and the climate change that we have witnessed during our lifetimes. We aim to channel our business skills and experience to contribute in a pragmatic and business–like way. We understand that taking carbon out can sometimes mean putting copper in, for example. In making our evaluations of target businesses, we will focus on the bigger picture.

As a cash shell, Spinnaker Acquisitions Plc can ultimately only do one single acquisition deal. On our journey, we will come across many ambitious companies and their investors and advisers.

At the end of the day, we and the investors in Spinnaker Acquisitions Plc are in it to make money; to pay our bills and to have enough left over to invest in future ventures. We aim to select a business that can use capital to quickly reach valuable milestones and to work as partners to deliver the potential.