Stefania Barbaglio

Non–Executive Director


Stefania is a London–based entrepreneur, business strategist, reputation specialist, and well–recognized PR and Investor Relations expert who has advised a range of private and listed companies across many sectors, including new technologies (blockchain), energy and natural resources, finance, fashion, and healthcare with a focus on innovation and sustainability. She is the Founder and Director of Cassiopeia Services the award–winning London–based boutique Investor & Public Relations agency.

Before starting Cassiopeia, Stefania's experience spanned PR, financial journalism and TV production for mainstream media including Bloomberg, BBC and leading in–house Investor Relations & PR departments. She is an influencer with a large investor following and is considered one of the top British female digital PR experts. Stefania organises regular symposia for public companies and start–ups: investor presentations and networking evenings in exclusive private venues.

Stefania is a keynote speaker on:

  • Technology disruption
  • Crypto and blockchain
  • Innovation and fashion tech
  • Counterfeiting
  • Cybersecurity and data
  • Alternative investment
  • Social empowerment
  • Reputation management
  • Marketing strategies which focus on building strong communities